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What To Expect

Our testing process is guided by your needs and concerns that you wish to address through an assessment.  This process involves gathering valuable information from multiple sources: self-reports; cognitive/psychological measures; clinical observations, records reviews, and when appropriate, consultation with other professionals to guide treatment planning (e.g., primary care physician, other mental health providers, teachers).  Due to the extensive nature of the assessment process, your examiner will not be able to provide immediate feedback after each testing session.  Instead, these results will be addressed in your final report and discussed with your doctor during the review session.  The overall goal of the assessment process is to provide feedback that addresses your initial referral concerns and offer helpful recommendations to improve your mental health.

To provide you with the highest quality of care, our assessment process involves commitment and collaboration from both you and HCP.  The length of the assessment process will depend on factors such as your assessment needs, insurance policies, timeliness of consultation and data gathering, and your schedule availability.  HCP will make every effort to maximize effectiveness of your time as testing allows, and involves:

1) A one hour interview with the patient, and/or legal guardians to discuss concerns and reasons for seeking an assessment.

2) Two to three appointments of testing; Since children are often sensitive to fatigue after a long day at school, testing occurs from 9 am-12 pm to achieve their best cognitive performance.  We allow for some flexibility with adults; testing can occur from 9 am-12 pm and from 1 pm-4 pm.

3) We will share the results with you during a one-hour review approximately 2 to 4 weeks after your last testing appointment.  We will go over your comprehensive report, which is typically 10+ pages, and the doctor will answer any questions you may have.

To ensure that we are able to thoroughly discuss your results and answer any questions you may have, we ask that parents find childcare for their review appointment.  Although we are a child friendly center, we are unable to provide supervision for children who are unattended in the waiting area.  We would be happy to find a time that is convenient for your schedule.

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